Monday, January 15, 2007

Hyper compiler 0.3.32 released

Today I have released a new version of the compiler. The most important new thing is support for the new namespace system. This means that finally all example programs are accepted by the compiler, including the new Hello World! Imports are not yet really supported; imports of user-defined sourcefiles are ignored, and the only allowed standard library import is the import of 'system.stdio'. The new compiler now also supports chained comparison operators, so you can now use code like:
if x = y = z then
# TODO : implement this
Another nice thing to have is that the compiler will generate a warning by default for this code. Something like:
file.hyp:3:2: warning: TODO: implement this
The compiler will actually notice 'TODO' or 'FIXME' in comments and generate warnings for them. In my opinion warnings provide useful information so they are enabled by default. But you can turn them off individually if you like with a commandline switch like "-W-no-todo".

As you can see the compiler still isn't at version 0.4.0 yet. Well, I have chosen for a different approach. I will keep releasing the front end of the compiler as I am doing now, and I will develop a version of the compiler with LLVM back end in parallel. The version 0.4.0 will be given to a release that marks an important event for the front end; maybe when I am ready to start the implementation of more advanced things like inheritance. I do not plan to release the version-with-back-end to the website soon because it will be completely unusable until some time in the future. And if no one cares anyway, then why bother releasing it?