Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hyper compiler 0.3.31 released

I have released a new version of the compiler. This release is fairly bigger than the previous one. It contains more new features and has undergone internal structure improvements.

The compiler now checks for the presence of return statements in procedures that return something. Another very important new feature is public/private access checking. Some small things are not checked yet, like for example the usage of private conversion constructors for passing arguments to a procedure. And const checking is now complete (at least to my knowledge), which means that the compiler does additional checks for const procedures and calling procedures on a const object.

Some things that are not listed in the changelog: a new test program was added, the Hello World test program. This already uses the new import and namespace semantics so the compiler currently rejects it. And the compiler now allows import directives but currently ignores them.

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