Sunday, October 08, 2006

Compiler goes public!

Yesterday I put the compiler sources on my website. The compiler is finally available to everyone who wants to take a look. You can download the sources from here. The released version is 0.3.29, a release that already dates from mid-september, but was only available to some limited test audience. I got almost no feedback, so I figured I could make it already available on my website to have a larger potential of testers.

As said on the download page this is a development release so it probably has lots of bugs, and on top of that it doesn't support all 'official' language features yet. It also requires CMake to build. You will have to build it yourself from source because no precompiled binaries are available.
Another thing you need to know is that the compiler only accepts filenames in Unix format. So Windows users will have to use the compiler under Cygwin until Windows filenames are supported in some future release.

If you are a programmer, I hope you will try it and give some feedback! For information about the language, see the language reference on the website. The documentation you find there is not really complete at this time and is sometimes very brief but it will give you a start.

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